Book your spot with only 100 USD deposit


How to register and secure your place at the festival?

-the only way to ensure your place in the festival and the hotel is  that you select your favorite ambassador.

Tango Maya Fest ambassadors are the only ones who can give you access to hotel room reservations and festival passes with group promotion prices.  

The ambassadors will help you with the entire festival registration process, they can give you more information about the festival and hotel, advise you at all times, find roommates, solve problems, easily modify reservations, follow up and the best part, offer you the best discounts for your hotel registration + festival, making it easier and cheaper to attend Tango Maya.

Traveling with a group is also more fun.


All ambassadors already have at least 15 rooms in their possession to distribute among their students and followers. If you are part of their communities, contact them, otherwise contact the organizers directly.

Select your ambassador and contact them to be part of the festival and secure your hotel.

Alejandra Orozco and Luciano Brigante

Festival Directors and Tango Ambassador

Somer Surgit & Jessica Stserbakova

Facundo de la Cruz

Rod Relucio & Jenny Teter

Tango Ambassadors

Ricardo Correa & Lindsey Zen

George Cassell & Donna Tielsch  (Tango by the River)

Tango  Ambassadors

Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo

Tango Ambassadors

John Miller & Jessica Cutler

Tango Maya Fest

We have very few rooms left, the hotel is about to be sold out, please contact your ambassador as soon as possible to save your spot.

In case there is no current availability you can use the next options:

hotel waiting list

Fill up this form to be in the Hotel Room waiting list. You will be notified when we have availability  (due to cancellation)

Registration for non hotel guest

Registration for the attendees Not staying in the Hotel venue is now open. Check pricing and packs optionsHERE

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