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Join our Private Tango Bootcamp

Mayan Riviera, Mexico &  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Brigante Bootcamp its a truly unique experience, its a personalized tango training for solo dancers or couples who are looking for a real upgrade in their dance at the same time they enjoy their stay in a beautiful location.

Beyond the lesson time, we love to share life experience, Tango stories, good food, drinks, other passions, hobbies, sports.

The program is always fitted and oriented to your goals and needs.  

We offer three seasons a year, one is in BUENOS AIRES, ARG, MEXICO (Playa del Carmen) and MEXICO CITY

Playa del Carmen Bootcamp

Contact us to find out the availability for 2024

A meaningful life experience


follow your heart


No matter which is your level and experience in Tango we all have dreams about it:  Maybe you are looking for enjoying more, improve your skills, getting more dances, learn new stuff, have fun, gain confidence,  deepen into the connection, expressing yourself freely, etc...

  During the bootcamp we talk about it and help you to achieve your goals in a holistic way: BODY MIND SOUL


Relax, have fun, enjoy! 

Yes it is an intensive bootcamp, and you will dance a lot, but we will also make sure you get to enjoy yourself in different ways. We are 5 min away from the beach and very close to all Riviera Maya attractions, like cenotes, ruins, water parks, and best beaches in the area. 

We will plan the free time according to your wishes and we are happy to guide you since we are locals now.


Smart Investment

 1. The greatest investments are when you do it for yourself, for your personal growth and happiness. 

  2. Private lessons are going to save you time and money.  The experience is much more intense, personalized and oriented to your needs. 

  3. Gain self-awareness and self-confidence.

4. Expand your comfort areas

5. Empower yourself 

6. Enrich your tango and life with a new adventure.

Pelo ondulado

Sharing love, life & Tango

 Beyond the lesson time, we love to share life experience, Tango stories, good food, drinks, other passions, hobbies, sports.

  If you have other goals apart from tango please share it with us. We have nutritionists, psychologists, sport coaches, Spanish teachers... and more professionals in our team to help you out. 


Buenos Aires Bootcamp

Availability from February-May 2024

The heart of Tango

It is always a great experience to visit Buenos Aires, no matter if it is your first time or not. This is where Tango is at home, and when you are here you can understand many things. Tango is lived in every corner. Here we find meaning of what we are and what we do as tangueros. It is definitely an amazing place for a good intensive bootcamp. The experience is deep and significant.


All you can dance

Another benefit of the bootcamp in Buenos Aires is that apart from the private classes, you will have the possibility of practicing every day and literally at the time you want in the milongas. We will guide and accompany you in this experience as well. There are a lot of milongas for all tastes and needs. We also include  private practices with other professional dancers to help you report what you are learning in class with us. 


Possibilities are endless

As in all our bootcamps, we will customize the experience according to your wishes. There are many possibilities within our reach. Buenos Aires is  a pulsating, passionate, cosmopolitan city. The combination of rich architectural and cultural heritage, modern creative energy. Food is amazing, people are social and passionate. We will visit the most famous and tourist places but also we´ll make sure to give you a true experience as the locals live tango there.


Do more with less $$$

It has never been cheaper to visit  Argentina , there has been a dramatic plunge in the value of the peso. Although for locals this is not the best, it would certainly be a great advantage for you. We will guide you and help you with your shopping plans, restaurant experiences, day trips, shows... whatever you feel like it.  


All our Bootcamps include:

  • Private classes with Luciano and Alejandra, depending on the plan from 9 hrs to 26hrs 

  • From 4 to 21 days of stay depending on the plan selected. 

  • Practica with professional dancers (available only in Buenos Aires & Mexico City)

  • Lodging in our house.

  • Breakfast. 

  • Buenos Aires City guide: city tour, highlights, shopping, restaurants, best local experience. / in Riviera Maya activities are more beach and nature related, cenotes, archeological sites)

  • Milonga tour. Taxi dancer available. (available only in Buenos Aires & Mexico City)

  • Optional experiences: cooking class, Spanish class or workout session special for tangueros.

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