Confirmed Teachers

"La Santa Calavera" Tango Orchestra

From Bs As, an unmissable premiere:

the new Tango orchestra "La Santa Calavera" with 9 excellent musicians . The conductor Mauricio Jost, bandoneonist, composer and arranger with a long history has been part of important orchestras such as Sexteto Milonguero, Tango Bardo, Orquesta Típica Villa Crespo.

The repertoire is super milonguero and with a lot of polenta!


Piano Hugo Hoffman

Violins: Uriel Duarte, Dalila Alvarez, Tomas Quindi

Violoncello: Eugenia Turov

Bandoneons: Mauricio Jost, Sofia Calvet

Singer Ariel Varnerin.



Hugo Satorre (Bandoneonist)

Hugo Satorre is a bandoneon player invited to the Gala Show Night.

For a long time he has traveled the path of music in general and tango in particular. He is a performer and teacher, and also composes and arranges.

He played in various theaters on five continents, among which are the prestigious Sydney Opera House (Sydney), The Esplanade (Singapore), Walt Disney Hall (Los Angeles), Teatro Colón (Buenos Aires), The Arts Center (Melbourne) and Shanghai Oriental Art Center (Shanghai). In March 2012 he accompanied the tenor Plácido Domingo on a stage set up on Av. 9 de Julio in front of more than 120,000 people. Over the years he was part of the groups "Otros Aires", "Orquesta Victoria", "La tuba tango", "Tanghetto" and the show "Tango Fire", with which he made numerous tours around the world. In 2016 he released his first solo work, an album dedicated to the work of MáximoMori.

For several years he has developed an editorial work in parallel focused on tango and bandoneon.

Gabriel Fernández (Bandoneonist)

From Buenos Aires, and with more than 20 years of international experience. Maestro Gabriel Fernández is consolidated as one of the best bandoneon players in the field, he is a beloved teacher for Tango Maya Fest, his previous participations have left us all inspired and motivated, this time he will be teaching a special musicality class for dancers together with Luciano Brigante & Alejandra Orozco.

Damian Tuso (Guitarist)
descarga (1).jpg

From Junín Argentina, a virtuoso of the guitar and Tango. Teacher, composer and musical director, classically trained and specialized in Tango and Folklore. In this edition, he will share his perspective on the guitar in the Argentine tango style. The workshop will be aimed at musicians and dancers.

Luciano Brigante & Alejandra Orozco

24 years of international experience as teachers and dancers specialized in Argentine Tango, world runner-up in salon tango in Buenos Aires Argentina. With a Porteño Heart and Villa Urquiza Tradition.

They are organizers of numerous events to promote and spread the culture of Tango throughout the world. Directors of the Tango Maya Fest, and the International Festival of Tango Chilango in Mexico City.

Their school and teaching method accompany them to where they travel each year on international tours and of course in their two base cities, Buenos Aires and Mexico City, where they in turn organize the Brigante Bootcamp, intensive tango trainings for their students.

Totally Passionate about high performance and the general development of human potential. Manager of high performance multidisciplinary teams for professional athletes.

Lorena Gaivizzo

From Buenos Aires, Lorena Sports Psychologist with a specialty in High Performance, visits us to work from the psychological point of view our tango and the relationship of dance partners.

Lorena works with high performance Olympians, dancers and professionals from other categories who need to work their minds to maximize their athletic, artistic or physical performance.

Jason Jiang
DJ. Jason Jiang

"The most porteño Chinese", our dear Jason Jiang, traditional tango player, organizer and promoter of Tango in Canada and Asia. In addition, an excellent musician who will be accompanying us on Radio Tango Maya, sharing his best tango selections to dance at home.

Jason has been a DJ for most of the Tango Maya Fest editions and has always been a total success, making the milongueros dance all night without stopping.

Marcela Conti and Ricardo Cabrera

From Buenos Aires, A very special tango couple, the perfect combination of tradition and spectacular.

With a wide experience as Tango interpreters, they will dance for all of you as special guests at the Gala Show Night.

Sofia Brigante

Nutritionist specialist in high performance for athletes and dancers.

From Buenos Aires and with the touch of Los Brigantes, he accompanies us to give us workshops with tips, recipes and food secrets to improve your performance in dance.

Walter Alvez

High performance physical coach for athletes and dancers. He has extensive experience working with national teams, Olympic athletes and high performance dancers. He is an active part of the Tango Brigante team and is in charge of training all our students to ensure their best performance in dance. This time he will be presenting us with a conference on Functional Training applied to Tango.