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Tango Maya Fest  2022


1- How can I register for the Tango Maya festival?

To register for the festival, you must select your favorite ambassador. Ambassadors are the only ones who can give you access to hotel room reservations and festival passes with group promotional prices. They will assist you with the registration process. For more information, visit the registration page at

2- How do I get to the hotel from the airport?

We offer round-trip transportation service from the airport to the hotel. You can find more information about prices on our website. Be sure to purchase this service in advance and send us your flight information before October 1st.

3- How can I make changes to my hotel or festival reservation?

Please send us an email to the festival or to your ambassador as soon as possible. Changes to the hotel are subject to availability and the dates established in the terms and conditions.

4- What does the all-inclusive plan at the hotel include?

The all-inclusive plan gives you access to elegant and luxurious rooms, all meals (buffet or à la carte), snacks, alcoholic beverages (national and imported), as well as sports and recreational activities during the day. Room service is available 24 hours a day. Tips and taxes are also included.

5- What are the festival dates?

The festival activities will take place from November 1st to 5th. On November 6th, there will be a special day of Salsa, Tango, and Swing crossover, and from November 7th to 11th, we will have the Salsa and Bachata Festival simultaneously with Lindy Hop & Balboa. If you are a lover of these dances, we invite you to extend your vacation and join us. We also have a super promotional package for you to attend all the events. You can find more information about the schedule at

6- Can I attend the festival without pre-registering?

No, pre-registration is essential to participate in the festival.

7- Can I participate in à la carte activities?

If you are staying at the hotel, you can add à la carte classes during the festival only if you already have a Silver plan, and you do not need to pre-register for classes. If you are not staying at the hotel, you can purchase specific passes that we have for external attendees. In this case, we also require pre-registration. Please note that you will need to leave an ID when entering the hotel. More Info coming soon.

8- Where and when should I purchase the classes?

You can purchase the classes directly at the festival. Those who purchase classes must be holders of the Silver pass or external attendees with a one-day pass. Golden pass holders already have access to all classes.

9- Do I need to pre-register for classes?

No, pre-registration is not necessary for taking classes.

10- What is the policy for changes and cancellations?

We suggest that you carefully read the terms and conditions section for detailed information about our policy for changes and cancellations.

11- How is the balance of roles handled at the festival?

We strive to ensure a good balance of roles in all milongas. However, for women who need a partner, we have created the Dance Assistance/Taxi Dancer program, described below.

12- How does the Dance Assistance/Taxi Dancer program work?

This package includes from 8 to16 tokens that can be exchanged for tandas danced with any dancer from the "Tango Maya Dance Assistance" program. If you purchased this package, you will receive tokens to use during the festival milongas. The dancers from the program will be located in a specific area of the festival so you can recognize them and agree on your next tandas. Note that packages are limited, so we recommend that you purchase your tokens as soon as possible. You can also share your tokens with your friends.

13- Covid restrictions

The use of masks is no longer mandatory in the hotel or in Cancun. However, we recommend that you take a Covid rapid test 24 hours before the event to ensure that you are able to participate in a social event. It will not be necessary to show vaccination records or Covid test results to enter the country, the hotel or the festival.

14- What forms of payment are accepted during my stay?

At the festival, we prefer cash in USD as a form of payment. If you use a credit or debit card, or Paypal, an additional 4% fee will be applied. At the hotel, credit or debit cards, cash in USD or Mexican pesos are accepted.

15- Are  tips included?

Yes, tips are included in the hotel price. If you wish, you can give additional tips to the hotel staff as a sign of appreciation for their good service. They will be happy to receive them.

16- Dress code:

FESTIVAL: For classes, you can wear whatever you want, just make sure to bring suitable dance shoes, not sandals. The class room has a good air conditioning system.
For daytime milongas, please note that they take place outdoors on the infinity pool terrace. The dress code is relaxed (beachwear, tango clothes for summer, swimsuit..) and it is recommended to wear outdoor dance shoes or leather sole shoes, practice shoes, as we dance on the terrace.
The nighttime milongas are more formal, with a glamorous and sexy atmosphere. The air conditioning is strong and the dance floor is amazing, so it is recommended to wear appropriate tango shoes.

HOTEL: It is important to note that to access the hotel restaurants, it is necessary to be dry and wear shoes. Men cannot wear sleeveless shirts or t-shirts to enter the restaurants.
For dinner service at the a la carte restaurant, men must wear long pants, closed shoes and shirts with sleeves.
The restaurants have good air conditioning.

THEMATIC MILONGAS: Get ready with your outfits! Check the information about themes on the schedule.

17- How to book private lessons?

Directly with each teacher, you can contact them using their email addresses which can be found on the registration page:

18- Can I participate if I don't stay at the hotel?

Of course. Attendees who do not stay at the hotel can register using the external guest option. Check the options we have on the festival price page. (info coming soon)

19- Will there be vendors?

Yes, we have Tango shoe and clothing brands, as well as other products that we will be announcing on our social media.

20- Are there special discounts for locals?

Yes, we have special discounts for locals. It is only applicable with pre-registration and showing your ID. Contact us at to learn more.

21- How do I contact the organizers?

Click here to send us an email or message us on WhatsApp. We will be happy to assist you:

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