Tango Maya Fest  2022


1. How can I register for the festival?

The only way to secure your place at the festival and the hotel is to select your favorite ambassador.

Tango Maya Fest ambassadors are the only ones who can give you access to hotel room reservations and festival passes with group promotion prices. 

The ambassadors will help you with the entire registration and enrollment process for the festival. 

Click here to know more https://www.tangomayafest.com/registration


2. How do I get to the hotel from the airport? Transfer

We know that getting an airport transfer service can be stressful. Especially if you don't make a reservation in advance.

We will not be personally in charge of this service this year, but we strongly recommend that you pre-book your service with this company.

FIVE STARS / private transfers.

They are reliable, always punctual and easy to contact. They will be waiting for you as soon as you exit the airport in the pick-up area. English is spoken.


They will offer discounted prices for those attending the Tango Maya Fest.

*30 usd one way, (PRIVATE VAN/ Non-stop in other hotels or sharing with strangers, only for you and friends reserving in the same VAN)

HOW TO RESERVE: Send them an email as soon as possible to info@fivestars.com.mx

WHATS APP +52 998 282 8964

Include this information: NAME or names of the people in the service, cell phone numbers, emails, complete flight details (flight number, airline, time, departure city, round trip) and do not forget to tell them that you are part of the GROUP MAYAN TANGO


3. I am already registered, where can I see the details of my Hotel and Festival reservation? 

Between October 19 and 21, the Festival will be sending an email with your reservation details. If you still do not have it, you can request it from your ambassador or directly fromtangomayafestival@gmail.com, please review your reservation and in case you have to request a change let us know as soon as possible. 

4. I need to make changes to my hotel or festival reservation. 

Please email the festival or your ambassador as soon as possible. Hotel changes are subject to availability. 

5. Where can I pay the rest of my hotel stay? 

Directly at the front desk, in the email that we have sent with your reservation information, your amount to pay is specified, which will be charged at check-in at the hotel.

Your reservation is in your name and roommate at Grupo Tango Maya.

Method of payment hotel: credit card, debit card or cash USD, pesos

6. Where can I pay the rest of my festival pass?

You can pay your festival balance and add extras directly with us at the registration table, we will be at the Hotel Convention Center.

Check the registration times on the calendar, come as soon as possible to avoid delays in the activities of your festival.

Payment method: CASH is the preferred method, USD. For credit or debit card an additional charge of 4% will be applied.

If you prefer you can use the store on the website to buy classes, or Tango Bardo in advance.https://www.tangomayafest.com/tangoshop

 7. What does the hotel's all-inclusive plan include? 

The included plan gives you access to accommodation in elegant and luxurious rooms. Includes All meals (buffet or a la carte), snacks, alcoholic beverages (domestic and imported), as well as sports and recreational activities during the day. Room service 24/7. Tips and taxes also included.


 8. What is included in my Milonga Pass?

 All the milongas from November 2 to 7, except for the special milonga that is part of the Tango Bardo Immersion Day. You can download the Calendar here, the milongas included in your pass are those colored in Pink. 

To access the Milonga de Tango Bardo you must purchase your ticket with an extra charge and in advance. Pre-registration is required for that event. 


9. What are the dates of the festival?

From November 2 to 7, we have registration from November 1 for those who arrive earlier. Check the calendar herehttps://www.tangomayafest.com/calendar

10. Can I get to the festival without pre-registration? 

It is essential to pre-register to participate in the festival. 

11. Can I participate in a la carte activities?

If you stay at the hotel, only if you already have a milonga pass can you add a la carte classes during the festival, you do not need to pre-register for classes. 

If you are not staying at the hotel you can buy the specific passes we have for external attendees. in this case we require pre-registration as well.  Note, you must leave an ID when entering the hotel  https://www.tangomayafest.com/precios

12. Where and when should I buy the classes?

You can buy them now at the website store or directly at the festival. Those who buy classes must be milonga pass holders or external ones who have a one-day pass.  

13. Do I have to pre-register to take classes?

No pre-registration is needed.


14. How is the balance of Roles in the festival?

 We have done our best to have a good balance of roles, however for women who require it we have created the dance assistance program. Read down.

15.How does the Dance Assistance/Taxi Dancer program work?

 The package includes 10 tokens exchangeable for tandas danced with any of the dancers in the program: "Tango Maya dance assistance" 

If you have purchased your package, you will be given 10 Tokens so that you can use them during the milongas of the festival with the dancers of the program. They will be located in a specific area of the festival so you can recognize them and approach them to agree on your next batches. 

Advance price 150 usd: Limited packages. It is recommended to purchase your tokens as soon as possible. 

You can share your tokens with your friends. 

16, What is Tango Bardo Immersion Day

Es  an unmissable event, on Sunday, November 6, see the calendar, or, includes:

--Masterclass in musicality with the orchestra

-Open trial 

-Meet and Great, coexistence with the members of the orchestra. 

-Gala Night, with Dinner and Tango Bardo Concert + show by teachers.

Milonga with live music.


Advance registration is required for this event.

The Tango Bardo immersion day is not included in your Milonga pass


We highly recommend you sign up for this experience, it is the first time we have had such an amazing band brought from Buenos Aires, coming just for this event.

We need your support!

Plus, you're going to love it.

17.Covid Restrictions

 The use of masks is no longer a requirement, it will be optional both in the festival areas and in the hotel areas, we recommend doing a quick test 24 hours before the event to ensure that you are able to participate at a social event. 

It will not be necessary to show a vaccination card when entering the country, or at the hotel, or at the festival. 

18. Forms of Payment during your stay

 Festival: CASH is the preferred method, USD. For credit or debit card or paypal an additional charge of 4% will apply.

 Hotel:  credit or debit card, cash USD or PESOS.

19. Taxes and tips:taxes and tips at the hotel are included, you can decide to tip hotel employees extra as a token of appreciation for their good service. they will be happy to receive us. 

20.Dress code:


FESTIVAL: For the classes you can wear whatever you want, just bring proper dance shoes, no sandals. We have a very good air conditioner inside the room.

For the afternoon milongas, keep in mind that it's an open-air venue: the infinity pool terrace. The dress code is relaxed (beach clothes, tango clothes for the summer, swimsuit...) for footwear we recommend outdoor dance shoes or shoes with leather soles, practice shoes, since we dance on the terrace .

The night milongas are more formal, flashy, sexy, whatever you want, AC is strong and the dance floor is amazing, wear proper tango shoes.


HOTEL: Keep in mind that to enter the restaurants you will need to be dry and with shoes. T-shirts/sleeveless shirts for men are not allowed.

For dinner service in the a la carte restaurant, men must have long pants, closed shoes, sandals and tank tops.


The restaurants have good air conditioning.


THEMATIC MILONGAS: Prepare your ensembles! See the information of the topics in the calendar. 

21. How to book private classes?,Directly with each teacher, you can contact them using their emails found on the registration page: https://www.tangomayafest.com/registration


22..  Can I participate if I don't stay at the hotel?

Of course Attendees who do not stay at the hotel can register using the option of external guests, check the options we have on the festival price page. 

 23. Will there be vendors?

 Si we have three brands of Tango shoes and two of clothing, as well as other products that we will be announcing on our social networks.

24. Special discounts for locals.

We have special discounts for locals, only applicable with pre-registration and showing your INE. contact us attangomayafestival@gmail.comto know more 

25. How do I contact the organizers? 

Click here to send us an email or a whats app, we will be happy to help you