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Dance Assistant

Pro Taxi dancer 


Tango dancer, teacher, in Monterrey, Mexico. He started dancing stage tango in 2005 and then shifted to tango salon. His training has been both in Mexico and Buenos Aires with some of the best known dancers and teachers.

In Monterrey, he has organized workshops, milongas and performances with international tango dancers and teachers since 2007 and has been organizer of milonga Cuartito Azul since 2013. He has been teaching regular classes and workshops nationwide since 2010.

At the milonga, he's not looking to make a complex dancing. Instead, he likes to find fun in musicality creating a sweet dialog with his dancing partner within a nice embrace. He will be more than glad to meet you and dance some tandas.

- Champion of the Bajio Tango Championship in 2023 (Leon, Mx)

- 3rd place at the Bajio Tango Championship in 2022 (Leon, Mx)

- Finalist at the Bajio Tango Championship in 2019 (Leon, Mx)

- Champion of the Tango Regio Festival Championship in 2018

Luis Alexis (Mex)

Dancer, choreographer, milonga organizer, and tango teacher for 13 years. He has participated in various festivals in Mexico such as the Desert Festival and the International Dance Day (DID) every year. He has also collaborated with different companies and shows, among others. Luis Alexis is known for his great work as a tango teacher at Ciudad Universitaria, UNAM, where he has influenced a large number of young people who are now part of the tango community in Mexico.

Marcos Zapata (Mex)

"Marcos Zapata is an accomplished milonguero hailing from Monterrey, NL, who embarked on his dance journey in the year 2000. Throughout the years, he has been fortunate enough to reside in various countries including Italy, Denmark, Argentina, Chile, and the United States, honing his skills under the guidance of esteemed maestros and fully immersing himself in the vibrant milonguero communities of each locale. Presently, Marcos actively contributes to the organization of Milonga Malevaje in Monterrey, NL, lending his support and fostering meaningful connections with fellow milongueros, both national and international."

Dancer Assistand

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