Tango Maya News

9th Edition Updates

Updates about the Covid 19

The Tango Maya organizations are concerned about the current situation that the world is going through. We are aware of daily facts on the pandemic and want to keep you updated.

  • The hotel is insured. The Grand Park Royal Adds to the global contingency. None of your reservations will be affected, in case the hotel closes due to a major cause by covid-19 or any contingency in which the government does not allow us to carry out the event. Your  deposits, are not at risk. In the same way, if there is a date change, your reservations will be changed date without any extra charge.

  • The hotel is getting ready to reopen its doors very soon and with all the new sanitary regulations imposed by the government.

  • All festival passes purchased in advance remain valid for any date the festival is postponed. It can also be used next year if you prefer.

  • A percentage of the proceeds from the tickets to the festival will go to the different tango workers in Mexico affected by the Covid-19 this 2020 and 2021 and thus be able to recover slowly.

  • We are evaluating the possibility of postponing the date of the Festival, very soon we will consult your opinion and announce the final decision.

  • We will abide by all the sanitary provisions that the government requires and we will make the necessary modifications to adapt to a new format that protects the health of all.

  • In the meantime, stay connected and support your tango community as much as possible, if you want to support us, click here.