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Teachers, Musicians, Artists, Choreographers and Organizers 

Dj Jason 

A tango musicalizer based in Toronto, Canada, Jason is passionate about tango music from  Golden Age, offering a wide range of music to generate the most rewarding and inspiring  experience for social dancers. He collects and owns some of the best 78 RPM transfers of tango  music currently in the world including CTA, AMP, Audio Park, Tangotunes and from private  collectors. His selection of music is characterized by dynamic and sensation of dancers, dictated  by the energy flow on the dancing floor. He deejays and compiles tandas “on-the-fly” at the  milonga, using only the best fidelity and professional sounding quality tracks of recordings.  

He has been guest deejaying at various festivals and milongas in Asia, America, Europe and  Buenos Aires such as Festival International de Tango de Sitges, Primavera Budapest Tango  Marathon, Tango Maya Fest, Toronto Tango Congreso, Toronto Tango Festival, Taipei Tango  Festival, Tokyo Tango Festival/Marathon, Beijing Tango Festival, Shanghai Tango Festival and  at local milongas in Canada , United States, Mexico, Barcelona, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing. He  had been invited to deejay in some of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos  Ares, among them, Lo de Celia, El Beso, Porteño y Bailarin, El Reason, Los Bohemios, Fulgor,  Si Sos Brujo, Club Pedro Echagüe and Parakultural Salon Canning. 

DJ Rod

In the tango world, dancers usually refer to Rod as a teacher, performer, organizer, and/or social dancer.

However, Rod is receiving rave reviews as a Djay.  He creates a playlist that causes waves of emotion and energy, keeping the dancers engaged through the night.


Rod focuses on traditional music that keeps the dancers on the floor until the very end of the milongas.  He has djay'd in festivals, marathons, and milongas all over the US and abroad.  His most recent events include the SoCal Tango Championship, Salt Lake City Tango Festival, New Orleans Tango Festival, Windy City Tango Festival, Cleveland Bowling Tango Marathon, Tango on the Rocks, and Tango Maya Festival.  


You can hear him monthly in Chicago (when he's in town) at the 312 monthly milongas and other local events.

DJ John

John Miller has been DJing for over half his life and in that time he has played nearly every imaginable scenario: in seedy bars, under bridges, in Churches, warehouses, at weddings, funerals, high school sock-hops, on beaches, house parties, from 100-year-old victrolas, milongas, marathons, and at dozens of tango festivals. 

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Yura Pritzker is a tango dancer, teacher, and DJ. He lives in Chicago, where he has taught tango with his wife Lana and DJ since 2017. He has studied dance and tango music all over the world. Yura played music at multiple local milongas, Chicago Windy City Tango Festival, and recently at his own milonga Alma Mia. As a DJ, Yura's focus is to provide the right music to the right moment, concentrating on the Golden Age period but not afraid to take a shout at new modern orchestras as well.

Dj Paxx
DJ Paxx (El Chema)

In 2015 he began to work with the label La Dulzura Tango Club, founded in Mexico City and during confinement he organized the #coronachallenge, a worldwide musicalizer reaching most tango cities in Europe and America, especially Colombia.

Interested in being able to add to the new proposals of new musicalizers, I create different modules of How to put together your tanda.

He currently collaborates with Casa Itotia, a project in which he has participated since its inception and which has a milonga every week. 

It stands out for its way of setting music, including proposals for new orchestras and the most outstanding   classical orchestras and other styles of tango. 

DJ Marquis

Marquis discovered tango fourteen years ago, and like many people, threw himself into learning the dance with a passion. His love of tango was exceeded only by an avid interest in the rich history, culture and quality of the music.  

Since 2008, Marquis has regularly DJ'd in Madison WI, In addition, Marquis has frequently DJ'd throughout the Midwest including Milwaukee, the Twin Cities, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Chicago, including two Chicago Tango Marathons, the Twin Cities Tango Marathon, and several "all-nighters." 

Learning from some of the best, he has taken workshops from such renowned DJs as Shorey Meyers, Horacio Godoy, and Hernan Prieto. 

Marquis is driven by an insatiable desire to immerse dancers in music that moves and motivates in a way that all may find a deep connection with the music, with tango and each other.

DJ Valentino

James is a Detroit native who carries the party with him wherever he goes. Teacher, DJ, performer, choreographer - if it has a place in Tango, you'll find James doing it. 

DJ Alex 

The love child of Rico Suave and Carlos Gardel, Alex was born with headphones on  his ears and shellacs in his trousers. Alex doesn't just put a playlist together, he concocts highly concentrated potions of rhythm and romance, and distills them into aphrodisiac tandas designed to wring you out and leave you thirsty for more. Come for the tunes, stay for the tangasms.

DJ Somer
DJ Claudia